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Artaud, Antonin [1896-1948]

Schauspieler, Philosoph, Zeichner, Visionär

[J. Derrida, Sylvère Lotringer]

[... The composition, the creation, instead of being made in the brain of an author, will be made in nature itself, in real space, and the final result will be as strict and as calculated as that of any written work whatsoever, with an immense objective richness as well (...) The theater, like poetry as well, though by other means, is born out of a kind of organized anarchy, (...) that spirit of profound anarchy which is at the root of all poetry. ...] — Antonin Artaud

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Artaud, Antonin · The Theater and Its Double (1938)
Artaud, Antonin · Das Theater und sein Double (2012)
Artaud, Antonin · Van Gogh, der Selbstmörder durch die Gesellschaft und andere Texte und Briefe (1977)
Derrida, Jacques · Artaud Moma. Ausrufe, Zwischenrufe und Berufungen (2003)
Derrida, Jacques · Das Theater der Grausamkeit und die Geschlossenheit der Repräsentation. In: Die Schrift und die Differenz (2000)
Derrida, Jacques · Die soufflierte Rede. In: Die Schrift und die Differenz (2000)
Derrida, Jacques [with Paule Thévenin] · The Secret Art of Antonin Artaud (2000)
Knapp, Bettina · Antonin Artaud: Man of Vision (1969)
Lotringer, Sylvere · Mad Like Artaud (2015)
Morfee, Adrian · Antonin Artaud's Writing Bodies (2005)

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